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PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support)


Platt Elementary, as part of Bossier Parish, is following an edict from the Department of Education for the State of Louisiana to participate in a positive behavior plan. This plan is set up with the students being rewarded for good behavior. Platt’s “Cowboy Code” (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible) are the school expectations students are to follow. Your child will bring home a Weekly Expectation Chart, which reflects how well he/she followed the Cowboy Code. Teachers will record minor infractions on this chart, along with the intervention and/or consequence chosen, in response to the infraction. The chart allows you to see the day, location, and type of infraction. If a student has five minor infractions of the same unwanted behaviors within a week, it will result in an office referral. After the third infraction, parents will be contacted. Any major infraction automatically results in an office referral. Each week, students will receive a new chart with a fresh start.

Students who continuously fail to comply with the school’s expectations, resulting in multiple referrals, will move into Tier II Interventions and receive targeted behaviors on which to focus. These students will receive Daily Expectation Chart to show progress toward their goals.

Students who follow the Cowboy Code will have lots of opportunities to earn Cowboy Cash, which can be spent at the Cowboy Corral for a variety of prizes and treats. Students with less than two infractions on all Weekly Expectation Charts for the 9 weeks will receive a very special reward.