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Cathy Turner Locker

Mrs. Turner

Principal's Corner

Welcome to Platt Elementary School…a place of teaching and learning! We are dedicated to providing students with a rewarding and enriching educational experience in a safe, nurturing environment. We believe parents are partners that help ensure our students reach their highest potential.


We are dedicated to providing quality learning experiences taking into consideration each child’s individual differences. It is our desire that each child finds joy and acceptance in his/her classroom and is enabled to perform at his/her personal best.


We also recognize that in order for our students to compete in a global market, we must teach students to be life-long learners. We present new material through technology rich lessons to captivate young learners’ attention and frequently collaborate with one another to discuss best practices. We continuously learn new strategies to incorporate into lessons; we are truly life-long learners ourselves.


It is our vision that our students will become independent, successful, productive citizens who will be equipped to meet the challenges in an ever-changing world.



Cathy Turner


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